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Welcome to the international ParkinsonNet site!

What is ParkinsonNet?

Since 2004, ParkinsonNet has developed regional care communities of healthcare professionals specialised Parkinson's disease. The participating professionals are selected, (continuously) trained in use of evidence-based guidelines and supported in their communication and collaboration. Persons with Parkinson's disease are able to find these specialised health professional through a search engine on the ParkinsonNet website.

In addition, ParkinsonNet carries out research and develops evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. Results are implemented through ParkinsonNet. 

Through the re-organisation of care, ParkinsonNet increases expertise of health care professionals, quality of care and patient health, as well as it reduces societal costs. In 2010 national coverage within the Netherlands was achieved by 66 unique, multidisciplinary networks. ParkinsonNet has awarded several prices for health care innovation.

This 2 minute video visualizes the methods and benefits of ParkinsonNet.

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