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Welcome to ParkinsonNet's international website

ParkinsonNet has one goal: to guarantee the best possible care for people suffering from Parkinson's Disease.

In ParkinsonNet, over 3,000 medical and allied health professionals are collaborating. They are supported by an enthusiastic team at the ParkinsonNet coordination centre at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre lead by the ParkinsonNet initiators, Prof. dr Bastiaan Bloem and Dr. Marten Munneke.

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  • 12 juni 2019 ParkinsonNet:
    RT @ParkinsonNEXT: Gister vond de ParkinsonNEXT Wetenschaps- en Innovatiedag plaats. Met 25 stands op de innovatiemarkt, 8 presentaties en…
  • 11 juni 2019 ParkinsonNet:
    RT @ParkinsonNEXT: Introductie door @basbloem met als boodschap: hoe meer mensen, onderzoekers en bedrijven meedoen aan ParkinsonNEXT, hoe…
  • 07 juni 2019 ParkinsonNet:
    RT @hannekekalf: Now at #WPC2019 discussing voice problems and maintenance of treatment gains. SLP Jennifer Cody suggest to apply the denti…

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  • Skills Lab 2019 (12+13/09/2019)
    This two-day specialty course is organized for professionals that already have a high level of knowledge and skills in Parkinson's disease and are interested in learning more.  Read more